Flat Belt modules are commonly used in applications where full product support is desired, precise product positioning is not needed, or varying product sizes are being concurrently processed. Dynapace uses welded steel frames and long-life ESD safe belts for durability. Many options are available to tailor a module to meet your specific needs including various belt widths and high temperature belts for applications where product is being transferred or accumulated after a heat intensive process.

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Product List:

Flat Belt Conveyor
Wave Unload Conveyor With Cooling Option
Oven Exit Conveyor

Dynapace: Flat Belt Conveyor

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Flat Belt Conveyor

Single drive belt conveyor used to transfer products that requires full support. Available in 18" or 24" widths, PLC or continuous running.

  • Continuously running belt or logical stop-go with PLC
  • PLC available with belt full or indexing logic
  • Low maintenance design
  • Easy-adjust belt tracking system
  • ESD grounding receptacles
  • Conforms to NFPA 79 and SMEMA Spec. 1.2 for PLC models
  • ESD safe, high temperature belt on a stainless steel bed
  • 18 or 24 inch width belts available

Dynapace: Wave Unload Conveyor With Cooling Option

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Wave Unload Conveyor With Cooling Option

Incline/Decline wave exit conveyor. Accepts product from the specified height of your wave exit conveyor and delivers it to a specified lower line height level. 

  •  Variable speed from 1 to 12 fpm (other speed ranges available) 
  •  18" or 24" wide anti-static belts are standard 
  •  Continuous run belts (Optional PLC with controls)
  •  Welded steel framework for robust product handling
  •  Conforms to NFPA 79
  • Optional: cooling hoods for efficient product cooling 
  • Optional: 5/8" nose bar available for easy machine integration
  • Optional: Storage compartment with stainless steel drawers

Dynapace: Oven Exit Conveyor

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Oven Exit Conveyor

The oven exit conveyor is designed to accept product exiting an oven on the mesh belt or at a different height and position on the fingers. The OXF 118 adjusts for the correct spacing for either chain or fingers. The flat belt design offers support to the full product.

  • PLC control with indexing & belt full logic
  • Look down & look across sensors
  • EDS safe / high temperature belt utilized
  • Variable speed (1 - 12 fpm) (.30 – 3.66 mpm) others available
  • Stainless Steel Bed, Belt design offers support of full product
  • 5/8th inch nose bar in the in feed
  • Designed for longevity with minimal maintenance
  • Manual Position, height & in/out, adjustment standard
  • Power Position, with memory, adjustment optional
  • Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2 and NFPA 79
  • Includes 1 standard communication cable

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