With over 30 years of experience in factory automation, Dynapace has the knowledge and capability to provide a cost effective solution to your assembly needs. We offer everything from automating a single step to completely automated assembly and packaging cells. Call us today for an evaluation of your requirements.

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Product List:

Automated Robotic Assembly
Robotic Packaging System
Custom Automation
Food Processing Automation
Material Handling Equipment

Automated Robotic Assembly

M 9000 Automated Assembly Cell:
M 9000 Conveyor systems are designed for modular automation processes and high speed transferring applications. Most M 9000 cells are plug and play compatible for simplistic setup and line flexibility. Characteristics include:

  • Pallet speeds up to 125 fpm
  • Patented heavy duty chain with 2.5 to 1 pallet to chain ratio
  • Central control unit allows manufactures to reconfigure the automation devices
  • Near infinite attachment capabilities
  • Turnkey integration packages
  • Precise positioning
  • Closed loop pallet return tracks
  • Brass and conductive plastic wear strips

The following example is a custom system built for assembling and testing:

Lift and locate modules
are designed for precise pallet placing. These devices have a standard "handshake" software to communicate with "foreign" automation. Included with up/down verification sensors and heavy duty pneumatic system.


Ergonomically sound work stations are critical to speed conveyor applications. Custom configurations are available, designed to allow automation positions to be added later. Rotation modules can be fitted.


Pallet center stops use a unique and effective design to stop pallets in exact locations with cushioned stop cylinders. Dynapace offers many designs, which effectively stop pallets without disruption to the pallet contents.


Traffic control and
is required in every system. Several options are available from simple mechanical switches to RF tag systems and more. Dynapace Engineers will help assist in the design of a robust system fitted to your application.

Lift and suspend modules precisely lift and locate pallets. This allows for a parallel processing in line. By suspending the palletized product, the "next" pallet can pass underneath the raised pallet without interruption.

Pop-up cross transfers are used to provide reliable source for perpendicular to the flow of the line. Among the most common uses is to take failed units from the line. With the bi-directional capability, it can also be used to off load to a test fixture and then back onto the line when completed.

Robotic Packaging System

The following example is a custom system built for packaging completed PCBs.


  • Welded Steel Framework
  • Operator interface touch screen
  • Box queuing and preparation
  • Cycle time 6 seconds per board
  • Edge gripper
  • Foam lid insertion
  • ESD safe


  • Product Identification Module
  • Computerized Integrated Manufacturing Interface
  • Depalletization Module
  • Failed Product Module
  • Box Load/Unload conveyors
  • Box Labeling Cell
  • Box Sealer Sell

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Custom Automation

If there is no readily available off the shelf solution in your situation let Dynapace propose an answer. For almost 30 years, it has been our ability to effectively take our customer's input and create innovative designs to provide a new solution or increase the efficiency of an existing process. Shown below is an automated material queuing system feeding in and out of large punch press.

Dynapace: Custom Automation
Large Photo

Dynapace: Custom Automation
Large Photo








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Food Processing Automation

Let Dynapace evaluate your application and suggest a custom handling or processing solution. Shown below is a custom product handling conveyor designed for use in a wet environment. If you don't find a readily available solution to your requirement let Dynapace offer an alternative.

Dynapace: Custom Automation

Material Handling Equipment

Dynapace offers a range of material handling conveyors from 18? to 48 inches wide. Designed to handle weights to meet your requirements. Each unit is designed for your specific application. Working with standard building blocks allows us to provide a cost-effective yet customized solution for your application.

Heavy Duty Flat Belt:
Designed for moving heavy or oversized product including palletized product. Custom engineered to meet each customers specifications.

  • 48" X 48" Pallet handling system
  • Customer specified length
  • Conforms to NFPA 79
Dynapace: Long Flat Belt Module
Long Flat Belt Module
Dynpace: 48-inch Wide System
48-inch Wide System
Dynapace: Custom Pallet Scale
Custom Pallet Scale

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