Driven By Dynapace: 30 Years of Automation

We have the know how to turn your ideas into reality!

  • Custom kiosks designed to meet your requirements
  • Product size capabilities to suit your application
  • Interactive touch screens
  • Custom Footprint and profile
  • Wireless remote technology
  • Remote reporting of: sales, inventory, machine status
  • Remote uploading of, on screen ads
  • Custom user friendly software for your application
  • Retail sales, rental or storage & retrieval applications
  • Return and restocking capability available
  • Complete in-house design and manufacturing
  • Fast Prototyping and production rollouts
  • We can manage your complete installation for you
  • Over 30 years of robotic design experience

If you have an idea that involves sales, rental or industrial dispensing, contact us to discuss your Custom Kiosk application!

Why Dynapace?

Dynapace has been building industrial robotic and factory automation equipment since 1976. We have taken our 30+ years of experience in building heavy-duty reliable equipment and used it to develop a reliable yet cost effective robotic product-dispensing machine. We are using the same high quality motors and components that we use in our industrial products. We know from our experience what works reliably and what doesn't. From this we have developed an elegantly simple design to provide you with long-term operating reliability. We have the know how to turn your business ideas in to reality.

  • Dynapace uses industrial quality motors throughout
  • Industrial grade computers & electrical
  • Can develop a machine around your product

You can purchase dispensing kiosks from various sources. Probably the most important thing to consider is the history and reputation of the company from whom you purchase your machines. Dynapace has over 100,000 pieces of factory automation equipment in the field with well over 1000 dispensing kiosks working around the country today.

Phone: 847-398-5757



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