Custom Manufacturing
• Components, Custom Kitting or Complete Products 

Electrical Assembly - Cable Assemblies     
•  Discrete Wire Assemblies
•  Mod-Plug & Flat Ribbon
•  CPC Connectors & MIL Circular Connectors

Electrical Assembly - Panels
•  Power Distribution
•  DIN Rail, Relay & PLC
•  NEMA boxes

Mechanical Assembly
•  Sub Assemblies
•  Bearing & Transmission Assemblies
•  Sheet Metal Forming

Engineering Design and Prototyping
•  From Concept to Reality
•  Work with your Engineering Department
•  CAD & 3-D Modeling

•  CNC Machining & CNC Strippit
•  Complete Sheet Metal Shop
•  Welding, Painting & Assembly
•  Inventory & Distribution
•  Pickup & Delivery Available
•  Fast Quotes
•  Small & Large Jobs

Dynapace: Manufacturing Services Group

Dynpace: Manufacturing Services Group

Dynapace: Manufacturing Services Group

Dynapace is committed to providing defect-free products and services that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations and are delivered on time. Our quality system covers the requirements of the American National Standard ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q9001-1994. We provide reliability and quality through in-process inspection, electrical and functional testing as well as Hypot testing when required. Custom labeling and packaging is available to meet your requirements.

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